At Evonik, security takes precedence over sales and profit. Our materiality analysis and regular exchange with our stakeholders confirm the high priority of occupational and plant safety as well as transport safety and logistics. This is also reflected in the Group-relevant Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We have further developed our cultural initiative "Safety at Evonik" into a group-wide management approach for all topics of operational safety and transport safety. It defined binding principles of action that give employees and managers reliable guidance for safety-compliant behavior in everyday life. All Evonik employees worldwide are trained in it.

The Group fulfils its control function in occupational and plant safety in globally valid guidelines and procedures, which are an integral part of our management system. Compliance with these regulations is the subject of central audits. Group bodies ensure that processes critical to success are standardized across segments.

We examine the implementation of the requirements and additional need for action in the context of key figures of Group targets. Control-relevant key figures are the frequency of accidents for occupational safety and the frequency of events for plant safety.