Sustainability in Procurement 

Leverage Relationships to Co-create Sourcing Value

On the pages below you will find information on our sustainability strategy in Procurement as well as the values and principles that guide our actions. In addition that, you will find information about the Together for Sustainability (TfS) initiative and how we can make our supply chains more sustainable together.

"Our world is rapidly changing. Sustainable sourcing processes are cornerstones for our business, the society and the environment. We collaborate very actively with our suppliers along the value chains to drive the ongoing transformation. It is only together that we can unlock the full potential of sustainable supply chains while protecting the environment for future generations and making our supply chains more resilient. 

We invite all our suppliers to embark with us on the sustainability transformation journey. This way, we can turn sustainability into a growth driver for all of us."

Dr. Goetz Lauschke, Chief Procurement Officer at Evonik Procurement

At Evonik, we understand that the environmental and social responsibility of our business extends far beyond the boundaries of our company. Our Procurement organization plays a vital role in promoting, upholding and enforcing sustainable values and principles all along the supply chain.

To successfully integrate the various aspects of sustainability, including the reduction of CO2 emissions, the protection of human rights, the advancement of fair work practices and safe working conditions in our supply chain, we are convinced of the importance for suppliers and business partners to share and uphold the same values.

On the following pages, we would like to share with you more information about our overall sustainability strategy at Evonik Procurement and the values and principles that guide our actions.

We would also like to invite you to explore our supplier engagement strategy where we not only explain how we can increase transparency of our product carbon footprints but also how we can develop a roadmap towards reducing product related emissions together.

You may also find more information about our engagement in the Together for Sustainability (TfS) initiative and unlock additional sustainability knowledge and expertise for your employees via the  TfS Academy.

Please also have a look at our supplier code of conduct.

We are strongly committed to procuring raw materials, logistics, packaging and further goods and services that not only benefit Evonik but also our customers, the society and the environment. 

We uphold our sustainability values and embrace the responsibility for our businesses, our employees, the environment and the society we operate in. For us, responsible action and economic success belong together. 

On the following page, you can find out how we anchor and promote ecological and social criteria in our day-to-day business operations and strategies. 

We invite you to join us in our efforts to increase transparency of the carbon footprints of procured raw materials, logistics, packaging and further goods and services. Please have a look at the following page to find out how we can collaborate to make the entire value-chain more sustainable.

To maximize our impact on global supply chains, Evonik, together with other chemical companies, founded the Together for Sustainability (TfS) initiative. Please have a look at the following page to find out how we promote best practices in the chemical industry's supply chain and how you can benefit. 

If you have any questions regarding our sustainability strategy in Procurement, please send us an e-mail to