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Please have a look at our e-mail, file and invoice quality requirements for the U.S. & Canada. They are outlined on this page.

At Evonik Procurement, we are committed to on time payment. By following the invoice and submission requirements, you can help us keep our processing times short. 

We thank you for your collaboration!

Quality Standards

Please have a look at our quality standards and requirements before submitting your invoice to us. Thank you! 

  1. Please avoid using password protection or encryption within your e-mail attachment
  2. Supported file types include PDF and TIF
  3. Each invoice should only be submitted once to the dedicated e-mail address. A list of Evonik company names and e-mail addresses is provided on the next page
  1. Each PDF attachment should only contain one invoice
  2. Invoices with more than one page should not be split into separate documents
  3. Please send any information relevant to the invoice together with the invoice in one attachment
  4. Please place the invoice on the first page. Supporting documents should follow on the subsequent pages of the attachment
  5. Multiple attachments can be sent in one e-mail


Kindly state the following information correctly and clearly on Purchase Order (PO) and non-PO invoices:

  • Evonik "bill-to" company name and division name if applicable
  • Evonik “ship-to" address
  • Invoice number
  • Quantity of items 
  • Line item description of goods or services, including Evonik material numbers (if applicable)
  • "INVOICE" on the top of the invoice document
  • Tax (if applicable)
  • Gross, net and tax amounts (if applicable)
  • Currency should be stated in ISO code (e.g. EUR, USD)
  • Vendor remittance address for payment
  • Ideally vendor bank account details including bank name, ABA or Routing # and bank account number for the ACH payment
  • Invoice should be original or clearly marked as "COPY", (Invoice cannot be marked "Statement" or "Proforma")


Please have a look at the additional requirements stated below. 

  1. Ideally, invoices have a white background to guarantee a good contrast for our scanning software
  2. Shading of header boxes on the invoice should be avoided
  3. Please type the content of your invoice and avoid handwriting 

The following is applicable if you were issued an Evonik Purchase Order (PO). Please ensure that the following items match the PO: 

  1. Line item number on the invoice 
  2. Units of measure on the invoice 
  3. Unit price on the invoice 
  4. Payment terms on the invoice

Additionally, please make sure that the invoice indicates the valid PO number. The invoice should also only refer to one PO. 

For invoices without a PO number, please note thate the invoice must contain the Evonik contact name of the colleague who authorized the purchase of goods or requested the service. This is only applicable if an Evonik Purchase order was not issued to you (exceptional cases only).

Invoice templates are available for download here. 

Note: If you happen to receive any separate communication from your Evonik contact regarding specific invoice requirements and you require further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact your local partner for assistance.