Our Sustainability Strategy at Procurement

Leverage Relationships to Co-create Sourcing Value

“Sustainability is crucial for the long-term and sustainable growth of Evonik. Knowing that it starts with us in Procurement, we are always looking for ways to procure our raw materials, logistics, packaging and further goods and services with minimum impact on the environment. Aside from the usual price, availability, and quality considerations, we strive for highest compliance to environmental and labor laws, human rights and social standards. Only by doing so all of us will be successfully sustainable.”

Dr. Sascha Ceylan, Head of Sustainability, Risk & Compliance at Evonik Procurement

1. Our strategy to reduce CO2 emissions  

Evonik knows that driving sustainability cannot be done alone. Therefore, we invite all of you, our suppliers, to work with us via our Supplier Engagement Program. The goal is to increase transparency over the carbon footprints of procured raw materials, logistics, packaging and further goods and services and set up a specific carbon footprint reduction roadmap.

2. Our strategy to protect human rights, advance fair work practices and safe working conditions

Protecting human rights, supporting fair and safe working practices, and acting socially responsible is crucial for our activities. Therefore, we have established various processes and active measures such as thorough supplier qualifications, commitment on our supplier code of conduct for suppliers and conflict minerals due diligence. This is complemented by our initiatives to comply with global and regional standards such as the German Supply Chain Act.

Both strategies are supported by our membership in the Together for Sustainability Initiative, through which we promote best practices in the chemical industry's supply chain. While a special focus of TfS lies on developing a scope 3 greenhouse gas emission calculation and sharing solution, we also evaluate suppliers in various categories including environment, health and safety as well as labor and human rights. A special focus lies on.