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Evonik manufactures a range of products that can be found throughout the oil and gas industry.

Drilling & Cementing

Before extraction, oil and gas operations start with drilling processes. Evonik has a wide range of chemistries that can be used within drilling muds and as cementing additives.

Completion & Stimulation

Following drilling, completion and stimulation operations prepare the reservoir and well for production. Evonik’s chemistries are used for biocides, cleaning, flow improve-ment, friction reduction and downhole surface modification.


At production wells and facilities, Evonik’s additives support asset integrity, flow assurance and fluid separation. In down-hole tools and production equipment, Evonik’s products are used in high pressure and temperature applications.

Flowlines & Pipelines

Beyond the well, Evonik’s products are used in the physical infrastructure of flowlines and pipelines, and internal operations of the lines. Corrosion mitigation and flow improvement are achieved with Evonik’s specialty additives.


Evonik’s products extend from upstream to midstream operations. In production facilities, Evonik’s chemistries and polymers (including membranes) are used to separate and transport hydrocarbon products to downstream facilities.

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