Sustainability report 2021 published

“Today and Tomorrow” — that is the title of our latest sustainability report, reflecting the forward-looking mindset that drives our specialty chemicals business. Evonik’s aim is to actively shape the transformation to a more sustainable economy and way of life as a driving force and solution provider. With our products and solutions, we want to make life better, both today and for future generations.

Starting this year, our contribution to this sustainable transformation is bundled in four Sustainability Focus Areas (SFAs). A special section in the sustainability report 2021 presents these new focus areas. Young employees share their personal views of the challenges in the four SFAs: fight climate change, drive circularity, safeguard ecosystems, and ensure health & wellbeing. Experienced specialists also explain how they drive forward sustainability at Evonik in their day-to-day work. For each SFA, there are examples of how we are reducing our ecological footprint, the positive effects of our products and solutions in the application phase (their handprint), and which of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) they contribute to.

Extensive transparency and soundly based analyses are Evonik's response to the growing interest shown by our stakeholders in sustainability. In 2021, we undertook the second sustainability analysis of our entire chemicals portfolio. Already, 37 percent of sales come from Next Generation Solutions—products and solutions whose strongly positive sustainability profile is above or even well above the market reference level. The results are integrated directly into our strategic management process as additional guidance for the management and development of our business.

The importance of our Next Generation Solutions is highlighted by a distinctive visual concept. Each chapter starts with a striking example of Evonik's solutions expertise, presented by employees.

The sustainability report contains key data showing our progress in implementing our sustainability strategy and achieving our sustainability targets. More detailed tables and new charts, for example, on the risk management process, enhance the readability and information content of the report.

Evonik's position in important ratings and rankings is also included. In 2021, Evonik was awarded an AA rating by MSCI for the first time, raising it to “leader” status. EcoVadis awarded Evonik platinum status. CDP Climate Change awarded us a rating of A- and CDP Water gave us a rating of B. In addition, Evonik received a B rating from CDP Forest for the first time and was awarded the accolade SDP Supplier Engagement Leader.

The sustainability report 2021 is published at the same time as the financial report and the Evonik Carbon Footprint brochure. The sustainability report is published in English and German and is available exclusively online. It can be downloaded from Evonik's Sustainability webpage . There is also a online version of the sustainability report..

We hope you enjoy reading the report.