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Progressive climate change, feeding the growing world population, and using limited resources responsibly are some of the global challenges addressed by the United Nations’ sustainable development goals. Our products and solutions provide important answers to future-oriented questions like these.

All Evonik’s business processes are based on the principle of responsible management. Our approach to sustainability therefore includes the entire value chain. That means: In addition to our own production and business processes and the products we market (gate to gate), we always consider the supply chain for our raw materials, goods and services (upstream) and the product benefits for our direct customers and their applications in their end-markets (downstream).

We have observed growing demand from customers for products for energy- and resource-efficient applications. In response to this interest, we provide innovative solutions that utilize our expertise as a world-leading specialty chemicals company. Our special strength is working in close partnership with our customers. That gives us a good strategic basis so we can ensure timely identification of promising developments in our markets and gain access to new growth areas.

Evonik’s product portfolio ranges from high-quality intermediates to complex formulations and system solutions. Our markets cover a balanced and diverse spectrum, including pharmaceuticals, consumer and care products, food and animal feed, paints and coatings, the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, and construction. None of the end markets that we supply accounts for more than 20 percent of our sales.

The global focus of our business is evident from the fact that more than 80 percent of our sales are generated outside Germany. We have production facilities in 27 countries on six continents and are therefore close to our markets and our customers.