Strategies, objectives and measures on the environment, safety, health, quality and security are centrally controlled by the ESHQ function and developed in close cooperation with the operational areas and specialist functions.

  • We as ESHQ at Evonik define clear safety objectives: For occupational safety, we have a Group target in 2021 of 0.26 accidents / 200,000 working hours. The new Group target of plant safety in 2021 is 0.40 events / 200,000 working hours (according to the newly applied methodology Cefic 2016).
  • Our central guidelines on plant and occupational safety must be followed at all locations worldwide.

Our actions are based on a comprehensive, integrated management system for the environment, safety, health, quality and energy. This applies to the entire Evonik Group and is based on legal frameworks as well as internal guidelines and group standards.

As the responsible department, we regularly consider the impact of our production activities in terms of safety. With the help of a centrally provided tool, we collect safety relevant events worldwide from this. With the help of these key figures, we evaluate our performance in the area of safety, derive measures and set new goals for the Group every year.

We analyze and evaluate developments and impacts of regulatory requirements in cooperation with national and international associations.

We face both today's issues and the challenges of a fast-changing society in order to continue to position Evonik well in its competitive environment.