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Micellar waters are one of the current trends in the beauty market. Their special appeal is their ability to remove intensive makeup without harsh rubbing. Evonik’s Care Solutions Business Line supplies various ingredients for gentle cleansing.

In facial care, cleanliness is a must. Especially in the evenings, makeup residue, perspiration, deposits and contaminants from the air should be removed from the skin. Micellar water has been especially popular for removing makeup for some years now. It consists of a limited number of ingredients and is thus gentle to the skin. The main component is water, followed by the most important ingredient: a mild surfactant.

In cleansing products, surfactants with their water-attracting and oil-attracting ingredients ensure that sebum, and the grime and makeup embedded in it, can be dissolved and then removed. As of a specific surfactant concentration in water, the surfactant molecules form micelles. These micelles or individual surfactant molecules absorb the dirt, oils and makeup that adhere to the skin.

Micellar water is manufactured using mild surfactants which preserve the natural skin barrier – even though they remain on the skin. A key advantage is that they do not have to be rinsed off. This saves water and makes the application of the product quite flexible: When people are traveling, micellar water is easy to apply.

Evonik’s Care Solutions Business Line supplies various ingredients for micellar formulations. It is possible, for example, to use only five ingredients to create a gentle micellar water, which is exclusively based on renewable raw materials. If additional substances are integrated, this can bring further advantages for the skin. Moisturizing or stimulating substances or small quantities of plant extracts or oils can soothe the skin and prevent irritations.

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