Adhesives and sealants

Buildings today would no longer be conceivable without the use of modern adhesives and sealants. Evonik offers a variety of raw materials and additives and thus an important contribution to efficient and durable structures.


Ancamide® curing agents offer a range of amidoamines and adducts with varying reactivity, viscosity, cure speed and chemical resistance. Known for their adhesion to concrete and performance under humid conditions.


Evonik’s Ancamine® portfolio offers a range of cycloaliphatic and N-alkylated amine technologies. Used with liquid epoxy resin for high performance primers and sealers.


Under the DABCO® brand, Evonik provides an extensive portfolio of different amine catalysts. Amine catalysts are highly important to the balance between the various reactions during the polyurethane foam formation.


DYNASYLAN® silanes improve adhesion, cohesion and drying. In addition, they can be used for reinforcement and endcapping. These essential properties allow adhesives and sealants to be effective, even when exposed to moisture or applied to particularly difficult surface. DYNASYLAN® protects modern adhesives and sealants from high levels of environmental humidity, and maintains the full adhesive capacity of joined but not yet cured adhesive surfaces.


Evonik's POLYCAT® brand includes a large variety of special catalysts that facilitate high performance reactions to meet the demands in applications such as spray foam and CASE applications.


POLYVEST® HT is used in adhesive and sealant compositions, electrical insulations such as cable lugs and many more applications due to their excellent chemical and physical properties.  


TEGOPAC® is range of silane-modified polymers which is typically used in adhesives, sealants or liquid applied membranes.
Liquid applied membranes are a very common way of waterproofing nowadays. Whether hand applied or machine applied these waterproofing systems are very flexible in use.


TEGOSTAB® is Evonik's global surfactants' brand. Under this name, you can find a large variety of different surfactants for use in all major polyurethane applications e.g. rigid, flexible slabstock, molded and high-density foams.


VERSALINK® products are specialty diamines of different molecular weights for use as
curatives and chain extenders in high-performance polyurea and polyurea-hybrid applications.


VESTAMIN ® is a product portfolio of specific amines suitable for the formulation of epoxy curing agents. They find their applications in adhesives between concrete structures as well as flooring onto concrete.


VESTANAT® is a product portfolio of cycloaliphatic di-and polyisocyanates suitable for the formulation of PUR or SPUR sealant systems. VESTANAT® di-isocyanate monomers are used for manufacturing of prepolymers used in sealant applications.