Thermal insulation

Thermal Insulation is one major pillar to improve energy efficiency to reduce global green house gases. For thermal insulation applications Evonik offers polyurethane additives and silicon-dioxide based microporous insulation materials, semi-finished and finished products.


Under the DABCO® brand, Evonik provides an extensive portfolio of different amine catalysts. Amine catalysts are highly important to the balance between the various reactions during the polyurethane foam formation.


Under the GORAPUR® brand, Evonik offers a technically and economically perfect release agent solution for all industrial polyurethane applications and individual requirements.


Under the KOSMOS® brand Evonik offers a broad range of metal catalysts (including tin, potassium & bismuth based solutions) and other high performance catalysts.


The ORTEGOL® product range includes an extensive toolbox of processing aids and performance enablers for a tailored solution.


Evonik's POLYCAT® brand includes a large variety of special catalysts that facilitate high performance reactions to meet the demands in applications such as spray foam and CASE applications.


POLYVEST® HT, a hydroxyl-terminated polybutadiene (HTPB), is the major polymeric binder for high quality polyurethane secondary window sealants for insulated glass units. Due to its low moisture and inert gas permeability and good compatibility with other components, POLYVEST® HT based secondary window sealants achieve highest quality standards.


Evonik’s versatile portfolio and knowledge of AirEntrainers enables the production of plasters and other cementitious systems with thermally insulating effects.


TEGOSTAB® is Evonik's global surfactants' brand. Under this name, you can find a large variety of different surfactants for use in all major polyurethane applications e.g. rigid, flexible slabstock, molded and high-density foams.



With its low water vapor permeability, its flexibility at low temperatures, its good UV stability and good adhesion properties, VESTOPLAST® 206, an amorphous Poly (alpha) olefin, is an ideal solution for primary and secondary window sealants.