Evonik – an attractive employer

The excellent level of our employees’ skills and their high motivation are essential for our success in demanding markets. This is why we offer an attractive working environment.

Every employee has the possibility to develop his potential. We support the creativity of our employees and offer the freedom to explore new ways and find new solutions.

Responsibility to employees and society

The Global Social Policy expresses our worldwide approach to social responsibility concerning our employees. It clearly states, that we treat each other with dignity and respect, appreciate differences and view diversity as a source for new ideas. We respect human rights not only in our company, but expect the same from our suppliers and customers.

Trustful Cooperation between employer and employee representatives

Evonik’s success is based on trustful collaboration between representatives of the management and employees. This takes account of operating conditions and the laws applicable in the various countries.

In Germany, the fundamental rights of our employees and their representatives to be consulted are anchored in statutory regulations such as the Codetermination Act and the legislation on executive staff councils. There are elected bodies representing our employees at all sites in Germany. Works councils represent exempt and non-exempt employees, while executive staff councils represent our executives. Timely discussion of all major changes with these bodies is ensured. These take place several weeks or months prior to implementation of such measures, depending on the significance of the upcoming changes. Where necessary, during this period written agreements are made on the upcoming measures and their impact on our workforce.

There are comparable rules on the type and scope of consultation and negotiation in many other regions where Evonik has employees.

At company level in Germany, employees’ interests are represented by employee representatives on the supervisory board.

The information and consultation rights of employees on cross-border European issues are represented by the Evonik Europa Forum, which is composed of employee and employer representatives.

Evonik does not restrict employees’ rights to freedom of association or the right to collective bargaining. These rights are also ensured in countries where freedom of association is not protected by the state. Based on our sites worldwide, there are employee representatives for more than 96 percent of our employees.

Aligning work and family

Combining work and family life has also been part of our  well@work approach for many years. The review of our performance and the award of the “berufundfamilie”  certificate by the Hertie Foundation in 2016 documents  our commitment to a family-friendly human resources  policy aligned to different phases of life.

Interdisciplinary teams

Nowadays, innovations take place at the interface of classical disciplines such as chemistry/biology or chemistry/engineering. Cooperation via interdisciplinary teams is daily routine with Evonik.

Attractive Employer

Excellent placings at employers’ rankings demonstrate our attraction as employer.