Health Protection and Promotion

Global management of health protection and promotion at Evonik takes a long-term, holistic approach, covering employees, the working situation, products and the general working environment.

Our approach includes high-quality medical care where necessary, applying ergonomic and health-related measures to structure working conditions, and a functioning emergency management system. In addition, we offer a selective range of health promotion measures, which are bundled in the Group-wide well@work initiative. In this way, we help our employees adopt a healthy lifestyle.

In the area of health promotion, Evonik supports long-term programs on “exercise”, “diet”, “stress” and “work-life balance”, “substance abuse” and “avoiding infections”. The aim is to encourage employees to adopt a healthy lifestyle. We also offer our employees fit-for-life seminars. These run over several days and focus on a healthy lifestyle and maintaining longterm well-being and employability.

In the intermediate term, we aim to establish programs in these five basic areas at all sites. There are already health promotion offerings and measures of various types at almost all sites around the world.
These basic programs are supplemented by campaigns, which concentrate on different topics each year, and general medical check-ups to screen for treatable risk factors and diseases.