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Chemicals with a future

With our products and solutions, we're already shaping tomorrow's markets.

Adhesives & Sealants

Additives, performance enhancers, selected binder systems and base materials that provide market and application related solutions for optimized performance and processing of adhesives and sealants.

Animal Nutrition

Our contribution to world nutrition: Providing solutions for sustainable animal protein. To achieve this, many things have to change in animal nutrition, animal health, and animal farming. This requires innovative, holistic solutions.


Hit the road. Innovative products from Evonik make cars lighter as well as more environmentally friendly and economical - thanks to the company's light structural foams, special plastics applications, and adhesives.


As the world's population grows, so too does demand for food, living space, and arable land. Plants serve not only for food; they are also used for power generation.


Evonik offers a wealth of raw materials for the coatings industry. Be it cars or cell phones: materials of all kinds are protected from stubborn scratches when the coating contains silicas from Evonik.


Lightweight construction and weight reduction are driving elements in many areas of industry. The latest lightweight designs use Evonik technologies for composite and sandwich component.


Products from Evonik protect exterior building surfaces against graffiti and damage caused by moisture - reliably and lastingly.


With timeless elegance and high-quality standards, interior concepts for well-being.


The innovative strength of Evonik is indispensable in the electronics and telecommunications sectors. Evonik Industries markets flame retardants that providefire protection to computer housings.


Creative solutions from Evonik Industries in environmental technology involve, on the one hand, efficient handling of valuable resources and, on the other hand, active protection of the environment.


Evonik – Your partner for the food industry.

Household Care

Evonik is a leading manufacturer of raw materials and additives for care and cleaning products for laundry and household applications, for industrial and institutional facilities, and for car care.


Evonik products are ubiquitous and simplify everyday life. Among the most conspicuous examples are our superabsorbents for use in baby diapers and feminine and adult hygiene products.

Metal, Mining, Oil, and Gas

In the future, supplying energy will call for novel solutions. Pipes made from polyamide manufactured by Evonik can also be used to transport gas where this was possible only with steel pipes in the past


Seeing well while looking good: Evonik makes innovative design possible.

Personal CARE

Evonik offers a broad product portfolio comprising active ingredients, emulsifiers, emollients, conditioning agents, secondary surfactants and many other performance additives for versatile applications.

Pharmaceuticals and Health

Evonik Industries supports patient-friendly health care with a number of product developments for the pharmaceutical industry and medical technology.

Plastics and General Industry

In close collaboration with its customers and partners, Evonik develops products and system solutions for and with plastics. Our spectrum of services is designed to meet market and application requirements.


New, modern packaging materials offer virtually unlimited possibilities when it comes to design and functionality.

Pulp, Paper, and Packaging

New, modern packaging materials offer virtually unlimited possibilities when it comes to design and functionality. In times where many products are similar, their visual impact becomes increasingly important.

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With our innovative products and solutions, we breathe life into markets.