We accept responsibility

We accept responsibility for our businesses, our employees, the environment and the society. For us, responsible action and economic success belong inseparably together. We began early on to anchor ecological and social criteria in our business decisions in order to pursue new, sustainable paths.

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Sustainability strategy 2020+

The Sustainability Strategy 2020+ was developed in constant dialogue with our stakeholders. Our materiality analysis and the Sustainable Development Goals have been incorporated into this strategy.

Strategic, focused, digital

The Evonik Sustainability Report 2019 has been published. The report has a fresh and reader-friendly new look with an enhanced content.

Impact Valuation

At Evonik we deal with the effects of our own business activities. For this purpose we regularly measure and analyze the direct and indirect impacts of our business activities from an economic, ecological and social perspective.

Sustainability Analysis

Our sustainability analysis helps our operational units develop their businesses and products in the relevant markets. It supplements our strategic business analyses and identifies opportunities and risks along the value chain.


Sustainability at Evonik

Sustainability is a central element in our claim "Power to Create". Evonik is the one providing innovative solutions that help to make our lives more sustainable, more healthy, and more comfortable.

Governance & Compliance

Good and responsible management of the company (Corporate Governance) is not only an important element of Evonik’s corporate philosophy, it is also a sustainability topic of high relevance.

Value Chain & Products

Our approach to sustainability includes the entire value chain. We drive forward the transparency and sustainability of our suppliers and help our customers meet their sustainability targets. In collaboration with them, we want to develop further products and solutions for applications that are resource-efficient and environmentally compatible.


Protecting our environment and the climate are major global challenges of our age. Maintaining the natural basis of life for future generations is part of our corporate responsibility.


People who want to make a difference can find a variety of global career and development opportunities at Evonik. We promise our employees: “Exploring Opportunities. Growing together.“


Safety and health protection are top of our agenda. They have the highest priority, even before sales and profits. Protecting the health and employability of our employees, and preventing accidents and incidents at work, in the operation of our production facilities, during transportation and on the way to and from work are of central importance to Evonik.


Social commitment has a firm place in Evonik’s corporate culture and our understanding of values. We regard it as our contribution to the sustainable development of society.

Sustainability Report 2019

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