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Evonik provides more than 7,000 products. Here you can find the array of them.

ACEMATT® (en, de, zh)

Matt-lustrous coatings: High-gloss or semi-gloss—Evonik provides surface protection with ACEMATT®.

Adhesive Resins (en, zh)

A permanent affair: Designed Polymers for Adhesives & Sealants. Welcome to Evonik's Adhesive Resins Portal.


The Aerolyst® 3000 series is based on Evonik’s AEROSIL®, a fumed silica with very high purity whereas part of the Aerolyst® 7700 series is based on fumed titania.


AERODISP® is the brand name for dispersions which are easy to handle and work with.


AEROPERL® is the brand name for specially granulated fumed oxides.

AEROSIL® (en, de, es, ja, pt, zh)

AEROSIL® fumed silica. Numerous application possibilities are reflected in the uniquely extensive product range of AEROSIL®.


The AEROXIDE® product portfolio are applied in a wide range of applications and with the experienced global Applied Technology team Evonik keeps developing new applications.

Aerosol Propellants (en, de)

Propellants are used as components in aerosol cans or as foaming agents for foams and foods.

Alkoxides (en, de, es, pt)

Alkoxides from Evonik are the icing on the cake in many applications.

AMICURE® (en, zh)

Dicyandiamide (DICY) for one component heat cure adhesives and composites, as well as polycarbamide curatives for HDI trimer for industrial coatings and floorings.

ANCAMIDE® (en, zh)

Polyamide and amidoamine curing agents for use across all major epoxy applications.

ANCAMINE® (en, zh)

Aliphatic & cycloaliphatic amine curing agents for use across all major epoxy applications.

ANCAREZ® (en, zh)

Specialty waterborne epoxy resins for flooring and industrial coating applications

ANCATHERM® (en, zh)

Non reactive polyamides for hotmelt and printing ink applications.


Latent catalyst for powder applications.

Animal Nutrition (en)

Evonik produces feed additives at six sites in five countries and is the only company in the world to produce and market all four of the important amino acids for modern animal nutrition.

ANQUAMINE® (en, zh)

Waterborne epoxy curing agents for industrial flooring and protective coatings.

ANQUAWHITE® (en, zh)

Waterborne epoxy curing agents for industrial flooring and protective coatings.

Biodiesel (en, de, es, pt)

Of the alternative sources of energy that are being debated, one is long established: biodiesel.


Specialty wetting agents, dispersants, emulsifiers and antifoams for use in tank-mix adjuvants and pesticide formulations.

Butadienes (en, de)

Butadienes belong to the alkene group and are chemical compounds of the hydrocarbon group.

Butene-1 (en, de)

Butene-1 is a colourless, combustible gas with a characteristic odour. It is easily condensable under pressure.

C8-Rings (en, de, zh)

Evonik offers the world’s widest range of technically available cyclic C8 building blocks.

CALOSTAT® (de, en)

Nicht brennbare, mineralische Hochleistungswärmedämmplatten für energieeffizientes schlankes Bauen und Brandschutz.

Catalysts (en)

Catalyst technologies from Evonik embrace homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysts.


Catylen® is Evonik’s brand name for olefin polymerization catalysts and components. (The product line consists of Catylen® S (supports) and Catylen® D (donors) offering a specialized product portfolio of catalyst components used in the manufacture of polyolefin catalysts.)

Composites (en)

Fiber-reinforced composites will play a major role for lightweight constructions as one of the key technologies for the 21st century.

Construction Chemicals (en)

Masonry water repellents for dry-mix mortars and concrete, as well as antifoams and air entrainers for structure and building protection.

CREASORB® (en, de)

The special feature of superabsorbers is their property of being able to absorb and retain an amount of water many times their own weight.

Crosslinkers (en, zh)

The Crosslinkers Business Line is the pioneer in isophorone chemistry and offers a variety of products for epoxy and polyurethane applications under one roof – be it basic amines, isocyanate monomers, polyisocyanates or formulated epoxy hardeners.


Curezol imidazole accelerators for glass epoxy laminate and epoxy molding compound.

Curezol is a registered trademark of Shikoku Chemical Corporation.

Cyanuric Chloride (en)

A multifunctional intermediate for herbicides, reactive dyes, optical brighteners and many other specialties.